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Cover of the novel "History of Soul" by Barbara Krasnoff

The History of Soul 2065, A Review

The History of Soul 2065, A Review Interlocking stories with a magical realism and speculative fiction feel This gorgeous set of interlocking stories follows the souls of two families as they navigate the 20th and 21st centuries.Each story is the literary equivalent of a gem and collectively tell a tale with elements of magical realism, […]

Purple and Brown

  I consider color too much, a side effect of several hobbies. Color is what I seek out in visual art and in the garden. Not the object represented, or the media, or the politics. Color. Color is art’s life blood.  

A Queen Among Crows by M.S. Linsenmayer, A Review

Steampunk-Alternate History-Magical Fantasy and Talking Crows! 1908-Russia: A scrappy intelligence officer from war torn North America hires herself out as a mercenary in the service of Catherine the Great. Both women are “Queens,” descendants of the Gods possessing certain powers. Eryma communes with crows, and her birds provide reconnaissance and protection. Though bashed, battered and

Hotel Bars and the Art of Life’s Third Stage

Hotel Bars and a number of other stimuli triggered my consciousness to consider how life’s three stages intersect with literature. According to Daisy, the three stages of life should be titled: Childhood, sexual, and the difficult to name one, postsexual. As you’ve probably noticed, humans are obsessed by life’s sexual stage during which the focus

Hotel Bars and the Art of Being Conscious by August Delp, A Review

Hotel Bars and the Art of Being Conscious is more of a thought experiment than a novel but a thought experiment well worth reading. After Daisy drops her teenage son off at boarding school, she’s officially an empty nester. What should she do with the last phase of her life, the phase past child rearing,

Troll: A Love Story, by Johanna Sinisalo

In the alternate Finland of Troll: A Love Story, Angel returns to his apartment after a night of drink and thwarted love to find a group of teens tormenting a juvenile troll. Trolls, an accepted denizen of Finland’s forest don’t usually stray into the city. They’re a sort of wild animals, falling somewhere between a

Black Hole Apocalypse

Darby Harn’s, A Country of Eternal Light, A Review Genre: Science fiction, apocalypse Positives: Stunning prose. Emotional depth. Negatives: A happy ending isn’t really an option, given the scenario. Difficult main character. Mairead, traumatized by the loss of her child, her mother’s rapidly progressing dementia, and her father’s relatively recent death is withdrawn and suicidal.

The Hammond Conjecture by M. B. Reed, a Review.

Hugh Hammond of The Hammond Conjecture is an everyman, who thinks with every organ other than his brain. And unfortunately, the fate of Europe lies in his hands. He wakes in an isolation ward with no recollection of his past. Encouraged to dredge up memories by writing, the confused man diligently types away. But the

Be Careful What You Wish For

Branches, by Adam Peter Johnson – a Review. Branches, an alternative universe novel rings frightfully true, a precision hit on a raw nerve.  Still reeling from the loss of his mother, a man dives into the social media black hole surrounding an unnamed right wing president. Several of my Facebook acquaintances went this route. And

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