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What’s on offer here?


All of my reviews are unpaid and reflect my personal opinion. I review elsewhere, but the reviews on this site are more in depth than those on commercial sites. My focus is science fiction and fantasy with occasion forays into mystery or horror, and I try to promote the work of independent authors. Many of the books I review touch on the concepts of identity, personality, and neurodiversity.


Members have access to additional stories and articles. Most of the stories are short and humorous and connected to the Songs out of Time universe. The articles cover a range of topics, including fiction, science, and philosophy. The membership is an attempt to reach readers who enjoy my fiction, so a free plan is available. Members will also be notified of new publications and sales.


Expect also a bit of shameless self-promotion on this site. Getting novels noticed isn’t easy in the ongoing avalanche of digital publications, and I try, but my efforts are usually haphazard or ineffectual. Personal recommendations are of the upmost value, so if you’ve enjoyed any of my works, please tell your friends.


I’d like to believe many of us are struggling to become our best selves, and that literature can aid our journey by providing perspectives and experiences we may never encounter in our own lives. And knowing more about other lives might help us build empathy toward other people. Since empathy seems to be in short supply these days, it’s especially important to read more. Or at least that’s my excuse.

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