Paranormal Fiction

The Wake Up, Paranormal Dystopia by Angela Panayotopulos

Greek Glass Makers Navigate Fascist Dystopia Pros: Lyrical prose. Poetic and allegorical. Cast features much cultural diversity.Possible cons: Unusual structure including set up and unlikely wrap up. More character and theme driven than plot driven. Plot requires substantial suspension of disbelief. In the paranoid dystopia of Angela Panayotopulos’s paranormal novel, The Wake Up, a mad […]

Supernatural Meets Breaking Bad

A Name in the Dark by G.S. Fortis, a Review Pros: Action packed plot. Vivid, cinematic prose. Characters with emotional depth. Possible Cons: High graphic index (violence). First two chapters with minor issues. Thanks my character Pam’s experience with an inner demon, I’ve become interested in literary portrayals of possession. Any kind of possession will

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